About Us

Welcome to Curated Mass. Founded in 2016, we are a family-owned company based in the San Francisco Bay Area that specializes in crafting the perfect combination of goods to send to your loved ones, friends and colleagues.

We realize there are many other gift companies to peruse. What makes our gift offering any different? We've curated quaint gifts at a moderate price that makes it easy to give again and again to everyone in your circle for every occasion. All of our gifts no matter the combination, interest or ocassion is $59, that includes shipping.

Our customers appreciate the time and attention that goes into every detail. Each gift is packed carefully and includes a handwritten note with a personalized message by you. Every detail from the gift filler, enclosure card down to shipping box has been planned to make the person receiving the gift feel so special. With our gifts, even if your loved one lives halfway across the globe from you, we can still preserve the intimacy in the unforgettable moments of giving and receiving.