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Soap | Gardene's tallow soap is excellent not only for the garden but for use in the kitchen or in the Artist's studio. It takes away food odors, ink, paint, resin, oil and dirt easily! Most plant-based soaps dry out the skin, but our tallow soaps are 100% full fat, meaning they are naturally creamy and lock moisture and softness in.

Poppy Seeds | There's enough seed here to plant an entire meadow full of poppies — ­almost 30,000 seeds in all! 

Airplant | Concrete handpoured mini airplant pot with Airplant. Airplants are living plants that aren't planted in soil, however do have a root. They are very hardy and only need a spritz of water once a week. Each plant comes with it's own instructional card for care. 

Balm | A naturally healing botanical balm, handmade in California. Botanicals infused in oil and left to sunbathe for 3 months, creating a herbal tincture. Added to moisturizing components, this is the perfect balm to keep on hand for any gardener. 

Chocolate Bar Using the finest cacao, and a modern take on traditional European technique, Dick Taylor is able to fully realize the potential of the beans we source. Carefully crafted from the bean in their small factory in Northern California.


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