Mint Tea

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Tea | Royal Treatmint was created to help balance the adrenal glands of even the most hardcore coffee drinker. A relaxing and stimulating mix of mint and lavender. 

Hand Cream | Benamôr Alantoíne Hand Cream is an incredible cream-to-gel texture blending allantoin extract with glycerin.

Airplant | Silvery light green in color, Xerographica is one of the more rare varieties of airplants. It's thick, wide leaves form a tight rosette of curls with the thin, spiky new growth sprouting from the center adding a beautiful contrast in form. A care card is included with the gift. 

Gift Box + Trimmings | Our pine gift boxes have a slide top lid closure and are hand stained in an expresso bean stain. Each gift includes filler, tissue with a sticker closure, ribbon and of course an enclosure card with an added optional handwritten gift message. These are the finishing touches that we pride ourselves on and take great efforts to get just right. 


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