Chocolate Box

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Chocolate | Delicious thin leaves of dark chocolate inside a metallic case decorated with classic posters of the Chocolate Amatller brand in Barcelona. 

Palo Santo | A natural incense sourced from South America with a woodsy citrus aroma. 

Soap | Cashmere and Cocoa soap is vegan, palm oil free, and paraben free. The scent of this soap is deep and sophisticated with light spices, cedarwood, vanilla tonka, warm coconut, and jasmine petals.

Cookies | The espresso rounds out the chocolate flavor in these rich cookies. With a crunchy topping of sugar on the outside and a chewy center.

Gift Box + Trimmings | Our pine gift boxes have a slide top lid closure and are hand stained in an expresso bean stain. Each gift includes filler, tissue with a sticker closure, ribbon and of course an enclosure card with an added optional handwritten gift message. These are the finishing touches that we pride ourselves on and take great efforts to get just right. 


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